Absolut Art

Obscura was invited to help the iconic Swedish brand Absolut launch Absolut Art, a cultural initiative that aims to bring art closer to the real consumer and inspire everyday art collecting. 

Instructed to ‘bring something fun’ to the event and given creative freedom we designed a concept called ‘Critic’ and invited the guests to become art critics for the night. Using only their smiles they signalled how they felt about eight randomly displayed pieces of art from the Absolut Art collection. We then used our bespoke face tracking software and measured each smile to collect and create a ‘smile index’ for the artwork. At the end each participants was presented with the results showing their particular favourite piece together with an image of their biggest smile. 

‘Critic’ was displayed on screens spread across the whole event area and was very appreciated, helping to create a great launch for a very interesting project!


Client: Absolut Art
Agency: Freshmind

Creative Director: Fredrik Forrest
Art Director: Emil Rydberg
Technical Director: Niklas Lundback
Executive Producer: Fredrik Bergström
Build: We Do