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It all started when...

When asked to help launch the new UD Trucks range Quester we decided to visualize the strength and the dependability that is associated with the UD brand. A 60 meter wide projection full of stunning visuals made the spirit of UD Trucks come to life. Electrified long distance runners broken into strands of light flowing through a razor sharp urban landscape. Together with a dramatic soundtrack and perfectly timed lighting it became the perfect backdrop to the hero of the day: the brand new Quester truck. The launch of the Quester range took place in Bangkok and featured keynote speeches, physical exploration stations and the UD4D Experience, making the unveiling an unforgettable day for clients, employees and the world media.

Tech spec:
28x5m walls with projection mapped city boxes.
8 x 20k Lumen HD Projectors
Synchronized mechanical reveal of city boxes to reveal the UD Quester truck.

Client: UD Trucks/Volvo Group
Agency: Valentin & Byhr
Production Company: Obscura Digital
Executive Producer: Fredrik Bergström
Creative Director: Fredrik Forrest
Technical Director: Niklas Lundbäck
Creative: Emil Rydberg

CG/Animation: Important Looking Pirates
Producer: Maja Lobas
VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
3D Artists: Daniel Rådén, Bobo Skipper, Max Erlandsson, Elin Lavén, Saleh Najib
2D Artists: Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist

DP: Simon Rudholm
Motion Capture: Imagination Studios
Music: Per Störby-Jutbring
Music (BTS): Yushichi
Sound design: Red Pipe
Build: Space Productions
Projections & Rigging: Trio AV